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luggage_tagIt’s summertime…a time that many people go on vacation. But, what if you’re gluten-free? How can you manage travelling outside your comfort zone and still feel like you can find something to eat that won’t make you sick? The answer is found at Gluten Free Traveller! This website is chock full of information about different cities around the globe and where you can eat gluten-free in each of them.  For those of us worried about finding places to eat in far off places, this website is definitely something to consult when planning your next vacation/trip.

Here’s a snippet about the creator of this website:

“My name is Laura. I’m originally from Scotland (hence the British spellings throughout this website).  I was diagnosed with coeliac disease in August 2009. I cannot eat gluten ever again and even the tiniest crumb will make me sick. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye but it’s not as simple as just avoiding bread, pasta and beer like some people might think.”

The best thing about this website is that it’s written by people who have actually been to the locations, rather than a generic story or obvious advice like, “Ask what the ingredients are in the food you order.” By listing actual restaurants and location tips, you can really use this website when planning your trip, similar to how you would gather advice from a friend who has already been to the location that you plan to visit. Now, the only thing is….where do I want to go next!

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