Rachel with son NicholasI’m not a doctor, a nutritionist, or a chef. I’m simply a mom to one amazing boy with Aspergers.  We began our journey to better eating in November 2011.  We are currently working with a top biomedical pediatrician to guide us in determining what is happening in Nick’s gut and finding ways to heal many of his ailments through dietary changes.

In the process, I also discovered that I can’t eat gluten either. In fact, this diet has really transformed my health in several ways. First, I’m feeling so much better in my intestines because I’m not eating gluten or dairy.  I have realized that all those years of taking extra calcium and other minerals didn’t do too much because the gluten was inhibiting my absorption of them. And, I’m happy to say I’m now off my high-powered migraine medications and feeling symptom-free of the debilitating migraines that I used to have and which I now contribute to eating gluten.

As these past few months have gone by, I’m learning to eat differently and how to cook with different foods (many of which I had never heard of!). I sometimes felt like I’d burst if I didn’t tell someone about all the incredible things I’ve learned, so I decided to write this blog as a way to share my knowledge with the world. I hope I can help you and your children to live a healthier, gluten and dairy free life!