coffeeI mentioned a few weeks ago that I had read a disturbing article that there may be something in coffee that acts like gluten. This new information caused me to rethink my beloved coffee, wondering if perhaps it was doing something detrimental to my health. I decided to try switching to caffeinated tea, since the problem isn’t the caffeine, for a month to see if I’d notice any changes. Well, I did make the switch to caffeinated tea, but I only lasted about 2 weeks!

I realized that the only thing I was feeling differently was a caffeine headache, based I’m sure on the fact that I wasn’t clear on how to match the tea for coffee exactly (in terms of caffeine levels). I enjoyed the different flavors with the tea, especially the chai tea in the mornings. But, it soon became clear that I was not feeling anything remarkable (which I definitely did when I first eliminated gluten from my diet). So, I have returned to my beloved coffee!

Perhaps some of you may think I didn’t give the experiment long enough to really show the differences? Maybe. But, I guess my passion for coffee is overriding my desire to wait for months to see any possible changes. I do have the fortitude to follow a gluten-free, casein-free diet very faithfully, but I guess I have to draw the line somewhere!

Did any of you try this experiment too? Please comment below about your own experiences.