I have learned some potentially tragic news this week….there may be something in coffee that irritates the stomach like gluten. Oh, no – my one vice is having 3 (sometimes 4, depending on the day!) cups of coffee each day. But, now, I have learned that my beloved coffee could be harmful to my intestinal tract.

coffeeHere’s a summary of  the research that I found about this possible link:

  • Coffee cross-reacts with gluten antibodies (in other words, gluten antibodies can hop on other non-gluten and really mess up your system; coffee is excellent and attracting gluten antibodies)
  • Only 10% of coffee is a protein that cross-reacts with gluten, but apparently it is enough to do damage
  • You can find out for sure if you are sensitive by going through expensive lab tests, ordered by your doctor
  • Coffee is apparently one of the most harmful foods to a gluten sensitive/intolerant individual
  • It’s not the caffeine that causes the problem, so decaf coffee will still cause a problem

See more specific information here –

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As an avid coffee drinker, this was some tough news to swallow (no pun intended!).  But, I thought it was something to be concerned about too. So, I’ve decided to try giving up coffee for 30 days to see if I notice any change. I know that when I gave up gluten the first time, I noticed a definite change when I reintroduced it for ten days to get tested. As of 8/28/12, I switched to black tea instead of my usual coffee. I will write a follow-up post towards the end of September to let you know how this little experiment goes. (Personally, I’m really hoping they are wrong as I really enjoy coffee! But, my health is most important to me – so I will make the sacrifice if I have to!)

Anyone else interested in joining me for this experiment?