Just look at the smile on his face! Nick was absolutely thrilled that I found him some Gluten-Free, Casein-Free Corndogs from S’Better Farms.

When I told him I was writing a review, I asked what he wanted me to say about the corn dogs. He said, “Tell them that they are SOOOO Delicious!” Nick also said he’d give them 100 Thumbs Up!

Although I don’t want to feed him corn dogs every day, if I have to give him them sometimes – at least these are pretty healthy. The beef for the corndogs is actually from grass-fed cows and you can see the other ingredients at the link above.  Pair these with some organic ketchup and you’ve got a great treat for kids, or even husbands (my husband had a few bites and said they were excellent too!).

I purchased the corn dogs at Sprouts, but they are also available at Whole Foods and these other locations. I noticed that S’Better Farms has some other allergen-free products, like Party Wings, Chicken Ballontine, Chicken Fingers, and Chicken Siciliano. Based on the success of the corn dogs, we’ll definitely be trying more of S’Better Farms’ products!