I am trying something new this week – a video review of what came in the Savorfull box for August 2012! I hope you enjoy getting to “see” the products. I’ll discuss each item below in more depth, but I encourage you to check out the video first:

Lucy’s Cookies – I do love Lucy’s Cookies, so I was excited to find these 2 new flavors in the box.  The Ginger Snaps are very “snappy” as they have real ginger in them and even some cayenne pepper. My son didn’t like these as well as my husband and I did. The Maple Bliss cookies reminded me of maple nougat candies and my son really liked this flavor a lot.

Crunchmaster Crackers – I found both the Multi-Grain and the Multi-Seed crackers to be very tasty. Both had an excellent crunch and even though they were a more “plain” variety, I thought they had nice dimension due to the seeds/grains in them. These would be excellent paired with some soy cheese or even peanut butter!

The Gluten Free Bar – this bar reminded me of a Clif Kids bar or a Balance bar. A bit dense, I think you’d want to drink water with it, but really good flavor. The oatmeal raisin flavors were evident without being overwhelming. It had a nice crunch to it, too.

Put A Little Soy In Your Life cookbook – I mistakenly stated, in the video review, that this book was from the staff of Savorfull. It is actually put out by the Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee (Savorfull is located in Detroit, MI). It is definitely a great resource about soy, and has a lot of recipes in it. You can even learn how to store soy products most effectively. Although as a rule, I try not to give my son too much soy, I will read this book more thoroughly and consider making some of the recipes.

Overall, I was pleased with the box. I think I would have preferred more food items than the soy cookbook. However, for $15 (including shipping), the Savorfull box was a good value. Considering the high cost of allergen-free products and the convenience of having it delivered to your home, I think this is a unique and fun way to try out new products.

(Note: I was provided with a free box of products from Savorfull in exchange for this review. However, Savorfull did not require me to write a positive review. The review is all my own opinion, but I do appreciate the opportunity to review their service.)