I thought I’d change things up this week and do a restaurant recommendation. Believe it or not, Chipotle Mexican Grill has actually been around since 1993, but I admit that it’s really just gotten onto my own radar. They have many locations in the USA, Canada, and the UK.  There are many things to love about Chipotle – almost everything is gluten-free, their meat has no antibiotics in them, and all the produce is organic. It’s a fast-food restaurant where you can actually eat healthy!

For the gluten-intolerant, here’s a look at their allergen menu. However, the only item that has gluten is the flour tortillas. Imagine, going to a restaurant and not having to worry about gluten for the large majority of the menu; it definitely makes it fun to order food there! The fact that all the produce is organic and the meats have no antibiotics is just icing on the (figurative) cake.

Last night, I took Nicholas to Chipotle for his birthday dinner. He loves to order the Taco Kit on the kids menu – two hardshell tacos, his choice of meat (uually Barbacoa, the spicy choice), beans, and guacamole. Since we are also dairy-free, we always splurge to get the additional guacamole (believe me, it’s worth it!), in lieu of cheese and/or sour cream. I ordered two hardshell tacos for me as well, but I chose the carnitas topped with generous dollops of guacamole. Sometimes, I will order the taco salad which is salad, meat, rice, and guacamole (in my version, at least). I skipped this last night because my son is not able to have rice at this time and he does get upset if we eat something in front of him that he isn’t allowed to eat.

Nicholas and I thoroughly enjoyed our dinner from Chipotle Mexican Grill last night. I definitely recommend Chipotle as a terrific option for dining if you have to avoid gluten and other allergens. The food is tasty and healthy and with many locations to serve you – it’s the perfect choice for a dinner (or lunch) out!