A few posts back, I mentioned that I really have enjoyed getting to know the many uses for Coconut Oil.  Well, I am now exploring the many benefits of Coconut Flour, too! Since Nicholas can not have rice or beans or potatoes right now, we don’t have too many options left for creating any type of baked goods.  That is, until I discovered Coconut Flour!

According to Bob’s Red Mill

Coconut flour is a delicious, healthy alternative to wheat and other grain flours. It is very high in fiber, low in digestible carbohydrates, a good source of protein and gluten-free. It lends baked goods an incomparably rich texture and a unique, natural sweetness.

It is all those things, but it is also quite tricky to work with in your recipes! I’ve been finding that it takes about 5 eggs for every 1 cup of coconut flour because it is such a dense flour.  I have found some wonderful recipes for muffins over at Comfy Belly, that I strongly encourage you to try out.  I will also be posting a pound cake recipe shortly that I made with coconut flour.

As with all the specialty flours, it’s not cheap to purchase.  I’ve started ordering mine through Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program, because it’s very reasonable.  It’s best to keep the flour in either the refrigerator or freezer so that it stays fresh.