It’s been quite awhile since I posted my concerns that I might be suffering from Celiac Disease myself.  I finally had a blood test and received the results…..negative. However, I have to disagree with the doctor on this one.  After spending 10 days eating gluten again (and, this was only about half the time anyway), I was totally miserable. In addition, I also listened to a very interesting podcast by naturopathic doctor, Dr. Lauren Noel interviewing an expert on Celiac Disease,  Dr. Thomas O’Bryan.  One of the most revolutionary things I learned in the podcast was that most blood tests for Celiac Disease are negative because you can’t test positive for Celiac Disease until it is ravaging your intestinal tract.  Dr. O’Bryan stated that if you are off gluten, then go back onto it and feel miserable (like I did) – you have at least a gluten intolerance and this is essentially the precursor to Celiac Disease. So, based on that information and my miserable time of going back on gluten – I’ve decided to avoid it completely!

It’s been interesting in the last few weeks how I feel like my awareness to the presence of gluten in so many things has really heightened.  I am amazed how we are literally inundated with it in our daily lives.  My son, Nicholas, even asked me the other day when we were buying a household cleaner, “Mom, check if it has gluten in it!” I laughed at the time, but I was proud of him for being so clearly observant and sensitive to the prevalence of gluten in our daily lives.  I am so much happier and feel so much better being off the gluten, that I can’t imagine ever wanting to eat it again.

I encourage anyone who thinks they might have issues with gluten to really investigate it and consider cutting it out of their diet for  a few months to see how they feel.  Dr. O’Bryan, in the aforementioned podcast, said he believes that as many as 60% of the population may have gluten sensitivity or intolerance! That’s a lot of people who could really benefit from changing their eating habits.  The podcast is full of great information, as is Dr. O’Bryan’s website; please check it out for more information.