I have exciting news to share with you! I’ve been asked to contribute a weekly gluten-free recipe at a fabulous website called Stockpiling Moms. Melissa Jennings and Shelley King are the two hardworking moms behind this great site.  You can find information on how to get great deals with coupons, even gluten-free coupons, learn about restaurant deals, or even how to plan a frugal party. But, don’t forget that I’m now going to be posting one of my recipes there in the Gluten Free Recipe Section every Thursday! I’ll put up a link here each week too, just in case you forget….

This week’s recipe is for Gluten-Free Korean Grilled Beef Strips and they are really tasty. Nick gave this recipe at least 12 thumbs up and exclaimed, “Finally, meat with taste!” and then proceeded to wolf down every bit of meat on his plate.  He was very disappointed that there wasn’t much left for seconds.  Guess I learned my lesson – better make a lot more next time!