I was talking with my son, Nick, about how I was going to write this blog about my recipes.  He’s a second-grader and has Aspergers.  We’ve been on the GFCF diet since November 2011, so it is still fairly new to all of us.  I will admit that some of my attempts at cooking GFCF have been great, while others have been pretty awful!

I asked Nick how we should let the readers know whether he approved of the recipes on the blog, so that other moms (and children) might be interested in trying the recipes.  He suggested we do a “thumbs up” rating system.  So, now, when I make a new recipe, I ask Nick to tell me, “How many thumbs up would you give this one?” He responds according to the following scale –

Thumbs down – terrible, please don’t ever make this again!

One Thumb up – not bad, but not too great; you can make it again

Two Thumbs up – really good; please make this a lot!

Four Thumbs up – (“Wait, Mom, I don’t have that many thumbs!”) this is the best thing you’ve ever made; please keep making it all the time!

So, as you are checking out the recipes, please look for the “thumbs up” ratings from Nick right next to the recipe titles. And, please, be sure to tell us in the comments how many thumbs your family members give the recipes too!